Shock Absorbers – Gas-A-Just

Monotube high pressure gas shock absorbers for all makes of cars and LCVs.

A performance upgrade for twin tube equipped vehicles, or restoration of OE performance for monotube equipped vehicles. The monotube design is more responsive and automatically adjusts to driving conditions, providing a firmer ride and additional control using a high pressure gas charge.

> Restores OE monotube performance

> Increases performance over OE twin tube

> Completely eliminates foaming and performance fade

> Up to 30% more damping than twin tube

> Single, seamless working cylinder, heavy duty guage

> Phenolic piston seal provides consistent performance

> Additional floating piston separates oil and compresses nitrogen gas to add velocity sensitive performance

> Seamless mounts and bonded bushings adds strength and eliminates noise

> KYB recommends checking shock absorbers every 20,000km and replacing them after 80,000km.

> Shock absorbers should always be replaced in pairs.