Ball Joints

  • The ball joint is a part of the control arm at the front of a vehicle.
  • The control arm connects the wheel and steering knuckle to the frame of the vehicle.
  • Ball joints act as a pivot point for the wheels and suspension. They allow the wheels to move left and right while the lower control arm can move up and down as needed.
  • The ball joint allows the steering knuckles to move in different directions while ensuring they remain attached to the vehicle.
  • Adapted to also operate in low temperatures.
  • Comply with TÜV standards and quality certification TS16949, ISO14001, ISO9001.
  • Phosphate protective coating on the metal, protecting from the elements.
  • Reinforced anthers.
  • Rattling, knocking and banging noises when going over bumps or turning are a sign that ball joints have become loose in their sockets.
  • Excessive vibration such as rattling and feeling shaking through the steering wheel can be a sign of worn ball joints.
  • Vehicle pulling to the side can be a sign of bad alignment but can also be due to worn ball joints.
  • Irregular tyre wear on the inside or outside of the tyre is a
    potential sign.