The KYB Mini-Motion Package (MMP) is an electric over hydraulic linear actuator featuring an integrated motor, pump, valve, and cylinder. 

The MMP is an entirely self-contained unit with no external piping, thus eliminating the possibility of oil leakage. The oil tank is sealed and that allows for no restrictions on the mounting position. The MMP is lightweight and compact and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

A pilot-operated check valve makes the cylinder load retention firm and sure and results in zero backlash. It displays excellent vibration dampening and its load retention resists external force up to 13.7 MPa. A manually-releasable valve is installed to extend and retract the cylinder during a power outage or wire disconnection.

The MMP is made for outdoor use and has a waterproofing standard of JIS D0203 D2 and an Ingress Protection rating of IP67.


  • ATV / UTV
    • Bed Tilt
    • Snow Plow Lift / Angle
    • 3 Point Hitch
  • Lawn and Garden / Tractor
    • Mower Deck Lift
    • Agricultural / Turf Sprayers
  • Emergency Vehicles
    • Ladder Rack
    • Hose Bed Covers
  • Accessibility Equipment
    • Wheel Chairs
    • Medical Lifts
    • Accessible Vehicle Components
  • Material Handling Equipment
    • Lift / Tilt Tables
    • Drum Lifts


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