KYB Cements its Position as the Suspension Specialist

KYB Europe has launched a brand new range of steering parts, to cement its position as a suspension specialist. Control arms (wishbones), ball joints, stabiliser links, tie rod ends and rack ends make up the new KYB steering parts family. They are all now available in the online TecDoc catalogue.

KYB Steering Parts are developed and tested to OE specification as a minimum – ensuring any part you purchase matches OE quality or better. The components are subjected to numerous quality testing methods including Hardness Control, Material Load, Ball Pin Strength, Rotational Torque Testing and Link Rod Pull.

Prior to their European launch, over 1 million KYB steering parts have already been sold across the world in some of the harshest climates and on some of the toughest roads.

Distributors of KYB Steering Parts can benefit from all the industry leading service, logistic and sales support that benefits our customers across Europe. Our data and cataloguing teams, who became the first shock absorber supplier in the world to be awarded Premier Data Supplier by TecDoc, have been working tirelessly to ensure the new Steering Parts range is as accurate and efficient as can be.

Keeping the workshop in mind, the KYB Control arms all include the ball joints. For convenience, all ancillary parts are also included with the range (nuts etc). Executive Sales Director Juan Carlos Diez commented that “Steering Parts are the next natural successor to our current ranges, and something we have been working on for a long time. Our quickly expanding range will allow workshops to rely on one trusted supplier for all their steering and suspension needs”.

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