KYB Offers Customers Social Media Support

KYB Europe has created two sets of free social media digital packs – one for distributors and one for workshops. They are ready made posts which KYB customers who have social media channels can use to educate their own customers about the safety critical nature of suspension components.

The visuals are accompanied by suggested text for the posts as well as an overview of how social media can help business communication. The posts in the distributor pack are aimed at the workshop, whereas the posts in the workshop pack are aimed at the motorist.

KYB Europe Marketing Manager, Jordan Day, explains “Our new social media digital packs are the latest in our growing range of support tools for our customers. We know a lot of distributors and workshops utilise social media very effectively to communicate to their relevant customer bases; we hope these digital packs will help them to advise customers why it is so important to replace suspension components after 80,000km”.

Distributors who are interested in using the packs should contact their local KYB Sales Representative or the KYB office where they purchase from. Workshops who are interested should contact the official KYB distributor who they purchase from.