KYB Mobile App goes from Strength to Strength

The KYB Suspension Solutions mobile App continues to grow in popularity among European workshops, having now been downloaded 15,000 times. Spain has the most users with 2,760, followed by the UK with 2,510 and Italy with 1,560.

The App has three main features to help technicians find and fit suspension components and to explain, communicate and sell suspension to the motorist. The first feature allows technicians to suggest suspension work to a motorist. After assessing the vehicle, the technician inputs the “symptoms” the vehicle is showing into the App, attaching a picture if required. The App then takes this information and creates a specific vehicle report, which is text to the customer, all for free. This report contains a button to “call the workshop”- on average this button is clicked by the motorist 1 in 4 times.

The second feature allows the technician to take ‘before and after’ photos when working on a vehicle’s suspension. The App sends these pictures along with a vehicle report to the customer. The report explains the completed work and the benefit it will have on the vehicle and shows them the pictures of the old and newly fitted components.

The final feature provides detailed, part specific technical advice for a suspension job. Technicians can either enter the car make and model, the VIN number, or the registration number and they will be shown the KYB part numbers required and a detailed technical bulletin which includes an illustrated set by step guide to fit the part, as well as the tools required (and relevant torque settings), and an estimate for the time needed to complete the job. If there is a KYB fitting video available for this reference, this will also be provided.

The KYB Suspension Solutions App is free to download and free to use, available in 20 European languages and fully customisable so all reports sent out feature the workshop’s own name, contact number and logo. For those who do not have the App, its available today from the App Store and Google Play.