KYB Strengthens Support for Distributors

The TecDoc catalogue has been updated to include KYB fitting videos, where applicable. When searching for a part, if there is a fitting video available for that specific part, the video link will appear for reference. These videos are all for vehicles where it’s either difficult or an unusual process to replace the shock absorbers. KYB has a wide range of fitting videos which are all available on YouTube (KYBEurope) and also in the support zone at

KYB Europe is also working on linking additional information, to make it even easier for distributors to select the correct part and have access to specific information on that part. Jordan Day, marketing manager for KYB Europe aftermarket, explains “We are continually working on new ways we can support both our distributor and workshop customers to make it easier to identify and fit suspension components”.

TecAlliance has confirmed that KYB Europe has retained its status as an A rated supplier. A dedicated team of people work full time to ensure that the KYB Europe catalogue data is up to date and accurate, ensuring customers have access to the most relevant data. To be awarded as an A rated supplier, product descriptions must conform by at least 99% to TecAlliance standards. KYB Europe has held this status for a number of consecutive years.