360 Degree Images Launched at Automechanika

KYB Europe GmbH Aftermarket has launched an ambitious project to provide 360 degree images of it’s products. The images were showcased at Automechanika in Frankfurt.

Starting with Macpherson struts, over 1,700 different references have already been photographed. The images rotate completely and users can also zoom in on the 3D image to see more detail. The images will help technicians and distributors to identify the correct part for their vehicle, increasing the efficiency of the ordering process.

2D photos are already available in the TecDoc catalogue for over 5,600 references across all ranges. Once the TecDoc software has the capacity to display 3D images, these will also be uploaded. The 3D rotating images will soon be available on the KYB Europe website.

KYB has been working hard over the past few years to provide support tools for technicians and distributors to make their job easier. Jordan Day, Marketing Manager for KYB Europe Aftermarket, explains “we have had great feedback to the innovative tools we have developed for our customers and we have even more exciting plans to come”.

KYB would love to hear feedback on their current support tools, as well as suggestions for further support or specific vehicles which cause issues when replacing shock absorbers or coil springs – contact pr@kyb-europe.com.